Make a Picture Frame From Old Baby Clothes

Gift Mom a sentimental frame made from her children's old baby clothes.

Some baby clothes are easily donated and others may have a sentimental attachment. Instead of keeping those special pieces tucked away under a bed or in a bin, turn them into a DIY Mother’s Day picture frame.

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

What You'll Need:

  • old baby clothes
  • scissors
  • fabric glue
  • batting
  • paper mache picture frame
  • small embellishment

Take Frame Apart

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

Take the picture frame apart. Most paper mache frames pull apart easily. If not, you can run a craft knife between the two pieces to loosen the parts.

Cut Fabric

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

Cut the fabric and batting to size.

Attach Batting

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

Trim the batting and attach with glue.

Fit Fabric

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

Place the frame onto the piece of fabric and fold around to the backside as if wrapping a gift. Next, cut an X shape in the center of the fabric where the photograph will go. Fold those four pieces back, and glue to the frame as well. Trim any excess.

Attach Fabric

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

Attach the fabric to the frame using fabric glue. Add the photo, and embellish with something extra special for mom.

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