A Rustic Winter Wonderland Christmas Mantel

This Christmas mantel display celebrates the outdoors with a palette of winter greens, warm burlap and pops of red. Simple crafts give the mantel design a handmade touch.

By: Kim Beyers

Winter Wonderland Christmas Mantel

This classic mantel design evokes a wooded winter wonderland with fresh evergreen, rustic burlap and pops of red.

Textured Joy

Making a holiday statement with a touch of warm texture, Kraft letters spelling "Joy" are covered in icicle white wool yarn.

To the World

Completing the popular holiday phrase, letters were stamped on Kraft paper and secured to a Styrofoam ball covered in the same white wool.

Ruffled Burlap Garland

Burlap ribbon becomes the perfect rustic garland when crafted into simple ruffles and adorned with red thread and red jingle bells.

Simple Gifts

Dress up ready-made Kraft paper boxes with colorful yarn and pinecones for wrap-free gift-giving or for a pretty Christmas mantel decoration.

Woodland Cabin Snow Globe

A mini cabin scene nestled in a DIY snow globe takes the winter wonderland idea a few steps further.

Faux White Christmas Trees

These pine trees were crafted using an unexpected material: white plastic spoons!

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