10 Easy-to-Make and Totally Fun DIY Menorahs

Eight crazy nights deserve ten crazy menorahs. These are not your traditional Hanukkah candle holders — it’s time for sequins, yarn pompoms and toilet paper rolls.


Think beyond traditional holiday colors when creating your Hanukkah decorations. Craft felt in sherbet colors pops against a black and white print in this adorable embroidered menorah.

Birthday Candles

What kid would not want to nosh on a cupcake while they play with their dreidel? Store-bought birthday candles for each of the eight days plus a gem stone encrusted 0 for the Shamash.

String Art

Transform a cast-off board into a one-of-a-kind menorah with a hammer, nails and twine. Each night use the twine to “light” a different candle.


Go big or go home with this menorah. Styrofoam tubes wrapped in sparkly paper are encrusted with sequins and beads using pins. Large ornaments were used as the candle tops.

Faux Hobnail Glass

Hobnail refers to a type of glass with raised bumps. Plain craft-store glass votive candles can easily be transformed into hobnail glass with the help of a hot-glue gun. Take things a step further and give your glass a blue cast with a surprising item from the kitchen pantry – food coloring.

Quilted Menorah

Quilting goes beyond baby blankets with this fun interactive spin on the menorah. Funky fabric is sewn into a wall hanging with candles that can be “lit” nightly during Hanukkah by adding a pipe cleaner to the appropriate pocket.

Jewelry Encrusted

People have been making Christmas trees out of vintage costume jewelry for years. It is high time Hanukkah got the same sparkly treatment.

Crayon Candles

Perhaps you have melted crayons into a cupcake mold or maybe even put a hair dryer to them to adorn a canvas or a pumpkin. Have you ever used them to make a candle, or better yet a spatter-ware inspired menorah?

Toilet Paper Rolls

Even the old crafty stand-by the toilet paper roll can be converted into a menorah. Drip hot glue around the rim of the roll, paint ochre yellow and sprinkle gold glitter around the rim while the paint is still wet.  Repeat nine times (use a slightly larger cut down paper towel roll for the Shamash) insert a new led flameless candle each night.

Yarn Wrapped

Give flameless candles a quick and easy makeover with the help of a quick yarn wrap. Use a slightly larger candle and perhaps a pompom for extra flair on the Shamash.

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