12 Creative Craft Room Storage Ideas

Ribbons and buttons and stickers, oh my! It may seem like there's just no way to keep track of it all. But try a few of our creative craft room storage ideas out, and we bet you'll be singing a different tune.

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Michele Pacey

Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

©Photo courtesy of Alicia McDonald and Jamie Ritter

Photo By: Photo courtesy of Heather Dutton

Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

Photo By: John Merkl

Egg Carton Organizer

It's easy to wad a bit of leftover embroidery thread into a ball and forget about it. Of course, once you do, it's all knots. Stop the madness! Try keeping your carefully-wrapped thread in a leftover egg carton for easy (and cheap) storage.

Drawers Full of Ribbon

Great for wrapping gifts, giving outfits pizazz and adding an extra touch to any project, ribbon is a crafting staple. Make it easier to find and use by keeping similar colors together, wrapped around cardboard and kept safe in a drawer. Feel like going the extra mile? Add a corresponding sticker outside each drawer to always know which color it houses as seen in HGTV Magazine. See this amazing craft room here.

A Place for the Extras

If you have extra ribbon that isn't enough to add to the drawer but still enough that it seems a waste to toss (a common crafter's dilemma), wrap it around a clothespin and put it in a glass container as seen in HGTV Magazine. Don't forget: out of sight, out of mind. See this amazing craft room here.

Borrow From the Kitchen

As a creative crafter, it's time to think outside of the box. Venture into other rooms of the house, and you just might find some useful supplies. Who knew a cheese grater could make such a cute pencil holder? You never know until you try!

Muffin Pan for the Miniatures

And speaking of borrowing from other rooms, this muffin pan looks like it has seen better days. So while you may opt for a newer version to cook your breakfast, an old muffin pan acts as the perfect drawer caddy for the small crafting supplies that you can never seem to find.

Easily-Organized Scrapbook Paper

HGTV Magazine shows you how to keep scrapbook paper wrinkle free and at your fingertips by displaying it just like the stores do. To get the look in your craft room, try placing clear plastic stacking trays (these are from amazon.com) in cubbies. See this amazing craft room here.

Homemade Spinning Caddy

This DIY spinning caddy, featured in HGTV Magazine, is actually made up of a lazy Susan, cake pans and candlesticks. It makes the perfect caddy to store thread, buttons, twine and any other small crafting supplies. See this amazing craft room here.

DIY Wrapping Station

Adjustable shower curtain rods are the perfect solution for keeping wrapping paper handy and in good shape. Just pull the amount you need and cut. So simple! Photo courtesy of California Closets

Ribbon Bar

And if you like the shower rod idea for wrapping paper, you'll love it for ribbon. Another suggestion: try using an adjustable rod to corral your washi tape. Really, the options are endless. Photo courtesy of California Closets

Hanging Thread Rack

For serious sewers, a single sewing basket just isn't going to do it. But a sewing corner, like this one featured in HGTV Magazine, just might fit the bill. This hanging thread rack (June Tailor Mega-Rak II, $50, joann.com) not only keeps spools organized and in their place, it looks like a work of art! See this amazing craft room here.

Fun With Magnets

This craft room makes the best possible use of wall space, utilizing magnetic boards to store small items in magnetic containers plus shiny hooks and rods for the remaining crafting goodies.

Bucket O' Yarn

Let's not forget about the classic galvanized bucket. A classic for a reason, a shiny industrial bucket is great for storing yarn, half-finished projects and just about anything else. Keep a few stacked to use whenever needed.

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