10 Creative Ideas for Shibori Dyeing

Learn how to add a little indigo bohemian style to your home.

Photo By: Cory Ryan

Photo By: Cory Ryan

Photo By: Cory Ryan

Made in the Shade Shirbori

Plain cotton tents for children are the perfect canvas to dye. Pick your favorite shibori pattern and give the plain backyard tent a bohemian makeover. Watch this video on different shirbori methods >>

Dine in Shibori Style

The nice thing about a patterned tablecloth is it hides spills. Large 100% cotton tablecloths are perfect for shibori and lends itself to so many patterns.

Stitched Shibori

The fact that you can use the shibori technique on a tote bag is not a big shock. Any 100% cotton surface will work. What makes this tote bag different is the fact that you can combine other crafty techniques like embroidery to augment a tie-dye or shibori pattern.

Shibori Style Stems

Thrifted glass vases get a quick and easy upgrade with the help of cotton laundry line and navy dye. Not a traditional fold or wrap, but instead a splattered shibori colored look.

Shibori Chandelier

Can’t find the color yarn you want? All you have to do is dye it. Bind your yarn with rubber bands, try a wrap technique or go ombre like this yarn garland. Be sure to use 100% cotton yarn.

Shibori Accents

Don’t be afraid to combine other color dyes in with the traditional indigo. Use a shibori pattern of your choice and once you have completed the navy dye, add in a second color.

Shibori Themed Baby Shower

Shibori is great for little boys or little girls. Are you hosting a baby shower? Consider skipping the games and instead giving everyone a shibori tutorial to send the mom to be home with onesies and burp cloths galore.

Sing in the Shibori Shower

Standard 100% cotton shower curtains are begging to be upgraded with a quick dye job. Large surfaces like shower curtains and sheets are great for experimenting with different folding techniques.

Sleep in Shibori

No more white sheets in your world once you’ve jumped on the shibori dying bandwagon. Even a tot’s room looks trendy with this bedding.

Wrap It Up With Shibori

Using large sheets of watercolor paper and navy colored dye create one of a kind shibori gift wrap. Crumple or fold paper and dip into dye creating orgnaic random patterns. Allow to dry and wrap.

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