10 Clever Ideas for Decorating Faux Easter Eggs

There are just as many ways to decorate a plastic Easter egg as there are real eggs. You can make them into creatures, wrap them with yarn or just use stickers.

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Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Ramos

Not-So Melted Melty Beads

Traditionally you lay these beads flat and melt them into things like coasters or backpack charms. However, just glued to faux Easter eggs they are equally delightful. This is a great project for kids working on fine motor skills.

Mermaid Tail Eggs

Every aspiring mergirl and merboy need a basket full of fish scale eggs. Wrap the eggs in fishnet stockings to use as a stencil and then paint over them. Add these eggs and a DIY shell tiara to a mermaid themed Easter basket.

Trendy Terrazzo Eggs

Sticky backed craft foam has so many possibilities. Cover plastic eggs with various triangle shapes for a modern Easter spin on the terrazzo trend. Watch this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins to find more craft ideas for terrazzo clay.

Unicorns of the Seas

Narwhals are called the unicorns of the sea. Seems only fitting that an animal that majestic should have its very own custom Easter egg complete with tiny shell horns. Add these to a beach-bound bunny themed Easter basket.

Eggs for Entomologists

A tisket a basket put some DIY ladybugs into your bug-themed Easter basket. All you need are pipe cleaners, paint, googly eyes and glue to add the red eggs.

Wrap It Up

Yarn comes in as many colors as plastic Easter eggs. Wrap up a few eggs to make a slightly more sophisticated egg that is great for displaying as a centerpiece.

Say Happy Easter With Emojis

Which emoji best describes your little Easter bunny? All you need is craft foam, a black marker and googly eggs to make one to match your personality and mood. Perfect for an Emoji-themed Easter basket.

Salt and Watercolor Eggs

Painting with salt and watercolor is a great DIY project for kids. Cover the eggs with glue, add salt and allow them to dry. Using watercolor paint, gently cover with ombre shades.

Puffy Paint Flower Eggs

Some people dye eggs, other people cover them with puffy paint flowers. If you can paint a dot, you can make these floral eggs. Try pairing them with a garden-themed Easter basket.

Strawberry Eggs That Look Cute Enough to Eat

Pink eggs are easily transformed into strawberries with the help of a black marker and green felt. Perfect for a fruit-themed Easter basket. Be sure to also check out these pineapple string lights made from yellow eggs.

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