Simple Home Repairs 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for simple home repairs.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Colored chalk
Rotary tool
Polyurethane glue
Water mister
Heavy-duty duct tape
Heavy screwdriver
Painter’s tape
Silicone caulk
Concrete patch
Paint stick

Step 2

Sticking Door

Shave off sticking parts of sticking door with rotary tool.

Pro Tip

Rub edges of door with colored chalk to identify trouble spots. When you shut door and open it again, chalk will have rubbed off sticking spots.

Step 3

Broken Chair Leg

Fix broken garden chair leg with polyurethane glue.

Pro Tip

Lightly dampen both surfaces before applying glue.

Instead of clamping leg while glue dries, wrap it tightly in heavy-duty duct tape.

Step 4

Broken Tile

Use polyurethane glue when you replace broken ceramic tile.

Pro Tip

Scraping out old grout will make it easier to pry out broken tile.

Glue goes directly on back of new tile; hold it in place with painter’s tape while glue dries.

Step 5

Leaking Gutter

Repair leaking gutter joint with silicone caulk.

Pro Tip

Disassemble joint, then put it back together with caulk along seams.

Step 6

Crack in Concrete

Use concrete patch to fix broken concrete walk.

Pro Tip

Use thin slurry of patching compound to make patch stick.

Step 7

Toilet Issues

Fix a running toilet by cleaning or replacing the flapper.

Scrape mineral deposits off bottom of flapper for a tighter fit.

If toilet still leaks, replace flapper with same model.

Pro Tip

Put food coloring in tank; if color seeps into bowl, you have a slow leak.

Adjusting chain is trial and error; flush toilet several times to test mechanism.