Outdoor Fabric Care 01:03

Here is the DIY Download on outdoor fabric care.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Outdoor umbrella
Mild soap
Cool water
Soft scrub brush
Hand mixer
Nylon brush
Wooden crate
½-inch plywood
Circular saw
Measuring tape
Water repellent

Step 2

Tips for Outdoor Fabric Care

1. Scrub umbrellas with mold soap and cool water.

2. To clean plastic or coated lampshades, use hand mixer to whip detergent into suds and scrub.

3. Hose down outdoor rug and scrub with dish soap.

4. Replace other cushions and pillows.

5. Test first in inconspicuous spot.

6. Spray evenly across fabric.

7. For extra pillows, turn wooden crate into double-duty storage bench.

8. Cut plywood lid to fit and add cushion.

Pro Tip

Prep your outdoor living space for summer with these simple steps.

Hot water and detergent could strip protective coating.

Dry rug in sun, flipping to dry back, also.

They don’t have to be outdoor-rated if you protect them against water damage with water-repellent coating.

Wet fabric but do not let repellent pool; let dry for 24 hours before exposing to water