Step 1

Prepare the Twine for the Button

Gather tools (in this case, the button replacement tool and heavy nylon twine). Be sure to use heavy-duty nylon twine because regular twine just isn't strong enough. Cut off 2' of heavy-duty twine. Thread twine through the button clasp.

Step 2

Utilize the Button Replacement Tool

The clasp slides into channel and slips inside button replacement tool (Image 1). Make sure the string is sitting in a little bump on the clasp. Keep tension on the string while pushing the tip of the replacement tool through the hole where the button fell off. Hold strings with one hand, push the plunger (Image 2) of the tool to release the clasp, and then twist and pull out the replacement tool.

Step 3

attach button to fabric

attach button to fabric

Attach the Button to the Fabric

String the button on and make an overhand knot with two ends. Tighten until the button is the same depth as the other buttons. Make another overhand knot to hold the button in place. A third knot goes below the button to lock it. Snip off strings and tuck ends behind button.

Step 4

Prepare the Thread for the Seam

Gather tools (in this case, the curved upholstery needle, heavy-duty nylon and scissors). Cut about 1' of heavy-duty nylon thread. Tie four to five overhand knots in one end.

Step 5

sewing new seam

sewing new seam

Sew a New Seam

Thread the curved upholstery needle, insert the needle just beyond and into the tear, go back through top of fabric, pull tight, go back behind thread, loop through bottom fabric and pull tight. Repeat the process and pull tight at end, making several slip knots to bind -- loop needle behind last stitch and into middle of fabric and snip off flush.