Easy Home Security Solutions 01:01

Here are the DIY Basics for Easy Home Security Solutions.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Chain saw
Tree trimmer
Motion-activated floodlights
Power drill
Wireless monitoring system
Smart phone or electronic tablet
Saw-resistant deadbolt locks at least 1 inch in length
Heavy strike plates
3-inch screws

Step 2

Tips for Home Security

1. Clean up landscaping to make doors and windows more visible and less attractive to thieves.

2. Install motion-activated floodlights in dark areas.

3. Inside, install wireless monitoring system.

4. For best images, place motion sensors and video cameras in pathways in view of each other.

5. Monitor activity with one app on smart phone or tablet.

Pro Tip

Take charge of your home’s security, outside and in.

Hang lights at least 8 feet high, so no one can reach them from ground level.

Get system with simple components you can install yourself.

Sensors will give maximum coverage if you hang them on flat walls 7 feet high.

Point cameras towards doors.

You and anyone you designate as a backup will receive video clips whenever alarm goes off.