Click Flooring Installation 01:03

Here is the DIY Download on click flooring installation.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Click hardwood flooring
Carbon-tipped saw
White PVA wood glue

Step 2

Tips for Click Flooring Installation

1. Click boards connect to each other rather than to a subfloor.

2. Because they float, they can be installed over any existing floor except carpet or wood.

3. You won’t need special equipment and can finish a 12' x 12' room in a day.

4. Put down good underlayment to help even out small imperfections in concrete and serve as vapor barrier to protect flooring from moisture.

5. Install first row of boards with groove side towards room.

6. Use carbon-tipped blade to trim end planks, cutting into finished side to help prevent splintering.

7. For random staggering of joints, use leftover piece to start next row.

8. Edge-glue last row with white PVA wood glue.

Pro Tip

For a do-it-yourself wood floor, do a click installation.

Click boards are the only hardwood you can put over concrete.

Short end seams won’t fully lock until next row goes on.