Ways to Declutter and Stay Organized

Whether you are a pack rat or a minimalist, there is something to be said for everything having its place. Browse these storage solutions for every room in the house.

By: Michele C Hollow
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All About Comfort

Entertainment centers should cater to all events that happen in a family room, whether it's watching a movie or eating around the TV. Designer Patricia Davis Brown of Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC made sure everything was within reach with built-in shelving units, including a small sink. Photo by Rob Downey Photography

Designed to Fit

If you are short on space or need extra storage in the bathroom, this tub with a built-in cabinet from MTI Baths is a great option for storing towels.

Room for Two

A trundle bed for adults and a bunk bed for kids guarantee that guests will have a comfortable place to sleep. Plus, the storage cubby keeps belongings near. According to designer Patricia Davis Brown, this family likes to have sleepovers. Photo by Rob Downey Photography

Powder Perfect

A welcoming space for powdering your nose and putting on makeup, this bathroom from Merillat is filled with pigeonholes and small drawers to keep items out of sight and close at hand.

Fresh Idea

This laundry room designed by CliqStudios was transformed into a warm and inviting space with cabinets for all types of storage.

Double Duty

The double sink cabinet, designed by MTI Baths, holds plenty of towels and toiletries. To make the most of the space, use a basket to hold extra hand towels and washcloths.

Entertaining Kitchen Guests

Designer Patricia Davis Brown opened up this kitchen and added an island to serve as storage and workspace as well as seating for guests. Photo by Rob Downey Photography

Work at Home

Built-in shelves from CliqStudios create a unified space in this home office with several storage options for supplies and mementos.

High and Low

When space is at a premium, you can build up, like with this double counter from Merillat. The peninsula is a great place to serve wine and cheese to guests while putting finishing touches on a meal below.

Master Class

The wall cabinets, designed by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC, make housing clothes, linens, towels and other essentials a decorative statement in this master bedroom. Photo by Rob Downey Photography

Before You Go

Having everything by the front door will lessen your chances of forgetting something. Keep keys, sunglasses, gloves and other necessities in pretty baskets and bins on a small foyer table. Photo courtesy of Jeanne Fiorini of She's Neat

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