Wall-Friendly Vertical Storage 01:01

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Over-the-door organizer
Reusable hooks
Vertical shelving pole
Wooden crates
Construction adhesive
Multi-shelf medicine cabinet
Magnetic rack
Construction glue

Step 2

Tips for Vertical Storage

1. In mudroom or foyer, hang an over-the-door organizer for smaller items like sunscreen, smart phones, and tablets.

2. Create wall of reusable hooks to hold everyday items.

3. Hang small hooks for umbrellas; larger hooks for jackets and book bags.

4. On kitchen backsplash, hang reusable hooks for oven mitts, towels, and small utensils.

5. Hang hooks on pantry doors for aprons and inside cabinets for towels and measuring cups.

6. Use shelving pole and brackets to create vertical pot rack; adjust the threaded ends to create pressure to hold it in place.

7. In bathroom, create linen shelf out of wooden crates glued together with construction adhesive.

8. Replace old medicine cabinet with new, multi-shelved unit.

9. Glue metal rack inside door to hold small metal objects.

Pro Tip

You don’t need to make holes in the wall to take advantage of unused vertical storage.

Stick hook to smooth surface, press on, and hang.

You can easily move and reuse hooks without damage to the wall.

Install reusable hooks on wall for towels and robes, hairdryers and individual tote bags.

If new cabinet is size of old one, installation won’t damage wall.