Tips on Organizing a Home Office

Follow a few simple steps to transform an office into an organized space that's more efficient and eye-pleasing.
transform home office into organized space

transform home office into organized space

AFTER: With a few simple steps, the office is transformed to an organized space that's more efficient and eye-pleasing.

To create a home office that's suitable for more than one person to use, begin by working to create an efficiently designed work space. Move furniture pieces up against the walls to open the center of the room, creating the illusion of more space. This also facilitates positioning computer monitors and office equipment so that they back up against the wall.

Purchase a chair specifically designed for office use, and one that's right for your body size. Office-supply centers and furniture stores both offer assortments of office chairs. Try out a number of them before you make a final purchase. Look for a chair that allows your feet to touch the floor easily, and offers good back support. Also, it's important for an office chair to have low tension in the back so that you can recline back slightly. This is particularly important for those working at their desk on a personal computer. Get a chair with adjustable height and adjustable arm rests to allow you to adjust to a comfortable posture and help relieve strain.

Don't forget to purchase a plastic floor-mat that will allow the chair casters to roll, and to protect the floor.

Managing clutter is critical for an efficient office, particularly if more than one person will be using the office. Designate specific storage areas for each individual working in the office, and storage areas for specific office supplies and materials. Consider purchasing organizing bins for holding files, videotapes, CD-R's, a telephone book, etc.

On the desk surface, standing file organizers help keep papers and files neat and out of the way. Stackable paper trays are also helpful for organizing papers and freeing up work space on the desk surface.

There are several effective methods for organizing electrical cords. A cord-snake or cord-guard can help consolidate cords. Ordinary twist ties or plastic ties can also be used to group cords and tie them together so they are less obtrusive.

With the increased use of computers for home-office work, overhead lighting is less critical. A good task light is important, however, for providing well-placed illumination on the work surface. Use a frosted bulb to reduce glare that can cause eye fatigue.

If glare on your computer monitor is a problem, consider purchasing a glare guard that will fit on your computer monitor.

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