Temporary Storage 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for temporary storage.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Electronic tablet
Stackable boxes
In-cabinet racks
Flat clothing boxes
Storage container
Tape measurer
Cardboard packing boxes
Plastic tubs
Packing tape
3-in-1 household oil
Fogging oil

Step 2

Storage: Sweet and Simple

Rent storage container for larger items.

Make inventory as you pack.

Measure furniture so you can plan new interior.

Pro Tip

Keep temporary storage simple and organized.

Keep container in driveway or storage facility.

Fill each box to top.

Use newspaper as filler but don't wrap with it; ink can stain.

Step 3

Tool Planning

Protect metal tools with light coat of 3-in-1 household oil.

Fog internal parts of engines of gasoline-powered tools to stop corrosion.

Drain gas tanks.

Pro Tip

Store metal tools in plastic tub, not cardboard, so they won't break through.

Step 4

Pair it Down

Keep only what you need for every day: seasonal clothing, towels, linens, kitchen items; store everything else.

Load favorite books onto electronic tablet.

Maximize shelf space for smaller items with stackable boxes and in-cabinet racks.

Store clothing in flat boxes under bed.