Storing Gasoline-Powered Gear 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for storing gasoline-powered equipment.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Mild detergent
Vegetable oil
Motor oil
Fogging oil
Gas can
Fuel stabilizer
Fresh gasoline

Step 2

Clean Engine

Clean engine deck with mild detergent and water.

Pro Tip

To keep gasoline-powered tools up and running when you need them, store them properly when you don’t.

Use sponge or rag, not wire brush.

Spray underside of mower with vegetable oil to help prevent build-up of debris and dirt.

Step 3

Service Fuel System

Pro Tip

Gasoline can breakdown in as little as thirty days. To keep gas fresh, put fuel stabilizer in gas can.

Instead of draining engine for storage, fill tank with stabilized gas. This prevents rust and makes it easy to start next season.

Run engine for five minutes so freshened gas can reach carburetor.

Step 4

Change Oil

Use a fogging oil spray to lubricate internal engine parts and protect against corrosion.

Clean and oil foam filters.

Pro Tip

Warm engine to make oil drain faster.

Spray fogging oil into air intake of running engine.