Step 1

Ways to Make Life Easier 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for Simple Ways to Make Life Easier.

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Step 2

Tools & Materials

Metallic strips
Tack hammer
Bread tags
Felt pen
Combination 110V electrical outlet/USB converters
Power drill
Portable backup charger for cell phone
Smart phone app for garage door
Wifi hub
Door sensor
Remote-control plug-ins for lights
Dry water glass

Step 3

Tips for Making Life Simpler

1. Tack metallic strips inside drawers of cabinets to corral small metal objects like screws, nuts, paperclips, and small tools.
2. Label electronic cords with bread tags.
3. Replace conventional 110-volt electrical outlets with combination 110V/USB converters.
4. Away from home, recharge phone with portable backup charger.
5. Operate garage door remotely and monitor door openings and closing with smart phone app.
6. Install remote-control plug-ins to control lights via smart phone app.
7. Place mobile phone inside dry water glass to magnify wake-up alarm.

Pro Tip

TIP: To make life simpler, simplify the small stuff.

TIP: Install wifi hub in garage and attach sensor to door.