Life-Proof Mudroom 01:01

Here are the DIY Basics for a Life-Proof Mudroom

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Tile or stained concrete floor
Stain-resistant, scrubbable, interior paint
Paint rollers
Painter’s tape
Long-handled sponge mop
Stud finder
Wire baskets
Circular saw
Measuring tape
Wood screws
Finishing nails

Step 2

Tips for a Life-Proof Mudroom

1. Install hard-surfaced flooring of tile or stained concrete.

2. Paint walls with stain-resistant, scrubbable paint.

3. Clean walls with soap and water.

4. Anchor hooks in wall studs for easy-to-hang items like heavy backpacks, coats, and umbrellas.

5. Hang wire baskets for hard-to-hang gloves, hats, keys, etc.

6. Convert TV armoire to storage and cubbies; remove doors and add shelves.

7. Build two shoe racks, one for dirty, outside shoes, one for clean slippers to wear indoors.

8. Set stools next to racks to make changing shoes easier.

9. Put down sea grass rug to help keeps floor clean.

Pro Tip

Simplify your active lifestyle with a mudroom that stands up to traffic and wear.

Combination primer and paint will save time; spot prime over concentrated stains.

Use a long-handled sponge mop to reach high places.

Use MDF and staple all parts; slant shelves about 20 degrees to hold shoes in place.