How to Create Custom Storage Under the Bathroom Sink

Do your sink base cabinets look like a failed attempt at organization? We’ll show you an easy and economical way to better utilize that space.

Make the Most of Every Nook and Cranny

While we all feel like we need more storage space, usually the solution is to better utilize the spaces we have. In an afternoon, you can be one step closer to a better space solution with this quick and custom solution!

Make a Plan

For this simple project, you will need a circular saw, framing square, tape measure, pencil, pocket-hole jig, bit driver and drill, corner clamp (optional), 12’ of 1x8 per cabinet, safety goggles, work gloves, dust mask and ear plugs.

Start by measuring the available space in width and height. Give yourself some margin so things like mixing valves are still easily accessible. In this case, a 12” x 21” storage shelf could fit on each side of the existing plumbing.

Cut Material

Using a circular saw and framing square, cut all the necessary pieces out of 1x8. Be sure to wear your safety gear for this step. As an alternative, a sliding compound saw will be easier if you have it.

Drill Pocket Screw Holes

Drill 2 to 3 pocket-screw holes in each end of the shelves. If you've never worked with a pocket-screw jig, simply set the tabs on the jig to the thickness of the material you're working with (3/4”), and set the collar on the drill bit to the same. Clamp or hold the jig on the end of the work piece, and slowly drill in until the collar bottoms out on the jig.

Join the Pieces

Join each piece using coarse-thread pocket screws. If you have a corner clamp, use it. It is like having a third set of hands to hold everything square while joining. Be sure to set the clutch on your drill to the appropriate setting to avoid stripping the hole.

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