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Simple, inexpensive organization tips from the Queen of Crafts.
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If you're like Carol Duvall, host of HGTV's The Carol Duvall Show, and have been crafting for years, you've learned how important it is to organize all your craft supplies. Here are some of the ideas that Carol incorporated in her own organizing scheme:

  • A hollow, honeycombed door purchased at a homebuilding supply center for less than $20 is now Carol's work desk. It is painted black and is half covered with part of a dressmaker's/quilter's cutting board. It is supported by three stacked plastic cartons that were found at a discount store. Two of Carol's other work surfaces are also doors.
  • Shoeboxes are great for storage and can be obtained free from most shoe stores. (There's no need to buy shoes — just ask for the empty boxes.) It's even better if you can get a bunch of matching boxes to give some uniformity to your area. Cover them with Con-Tact paper and label them, and they'll look as grand as any commercial products. If you'd rather not use all that Con-Tact paper, just cover the visible front panel.

  • Since the ceiling in Carol's office is made up of individual acoustical tiles, it's easy to push the tiles up far enough to hang an S-shaped wire over the metal crossbars. The baskets hang on the other end of the wire. Carol made the hanging hooks by cutting lengths of coat hangers and shaping them.

  • All the rolls of ribbon Carol has collected now hang on an expandable rod in the window.

  • Transparent plastic boxes were purchased for 99 cents each at a local discount store and then labeled and stacked next to her main desk. They hold everything from stickers and punches to glitter and small tools.

  • Below the rows of shoeboxes are two lengths of 2" by 2" wood, which were covered with checkerboard Con-Tact paper and then screwed to the wall. They make excellent small shelves to hold bottles of paint and glue.

  • Shoeboxes also work well for all those small supplies that can get to be such a jumble. If these boxes will be placed on shelves and not stacked on top of one another, you can make them look like the commercial kind that are cut down in front so you can see into them more easily, as indicated.

  • Carol no longer has to dig for a particular type of marker. Foam dividers in the shoe boxes separate the felt tips from the metallic and the washable from the permanent.

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