Step 1

Family Creativity Center 01:01

Here are the DIY Basics for a Family Creativity Center.

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Step 2

Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

tabletop or 2-inch slab of wood
heavy gauge piano hinge
2x2 brace
wood screws
power drill
shaker pegs
bins or cubbies with baskets
rolling cart
label maker
magnetic chalkboard
art supplies
art tools
heavy gauge clothesline with looped ends

Step 3

Attach the Table to the Wall

The idea is to have every creative tool in one dedicated place.

If you're worried about damaging carpet, put down plastic runners or get mess-free art products.

Attach art table to wall with heavy gauge piano hinge and fold out of way when not using.

Pro Tip

Thirty inches is a good working height for parents and kids. If you need extra light, get a gooseneck desk lamp.

Step 4

Hang the Chairs

Attach Shaker pegs to wall for hanging chairs out of way.

Step 5

Install the Bins or Cubbies

Install bins or cubbies with baskets to hold tools and art supplies. To save space, art supplies can be stored in rolling cart stacked with bins. Remember to keep bins and/or cubbies low enough for small children to reach.

Label bins/cubbies so everyone knows where everything goes.

Step 6

Add the Finishing Touches

Mount a holder for a roll of art paper.

Install dry erase board for creating, wiping and re-creating.

Hang art "clothesline" for displaying finished work.