Mark Face Frame for Cuts

Begin with the face frame of the cover. With a pencil, mark the storage opening and the slots for the radiator.

Step 1

Cut Hole for Storage Space

Use a circular saw or a router to cut the hole for the storage compartment (Image 1). Start away from the corner to get a clean cut. Use a router or a back saw to cut into the corners for a clean 90-degree angle (Image 2).

Step 2

Cut Slots for Radiator

On the radiator side of the panel, drill (with 1/2” bit) a hole on one end where each slot will be cut (Image 1). This will allow space for the router to fit in and cut each slot. Use a straight edge or level to follow along with the router to cut a straight line (Image 2). Cut off excess panel with a circular saw once all cuts are made.

Pro Tip

Be sure to build in plenty of slots in the cover to allow heat to disperse from the radiator.

Step 3



Build the Frame

Construct the rest of frame for the storage compartment from more of the bamboo. You will need two sides, a middle piece, a top piece and shelves for the storage compartment. (We made our top piece a little wider so it would have a slight overhang.) Attach the sides and top together using wood glue and finishing nails. Then attach the middle piece.

Cut 1x1 material to make the cleats to hold up the bottom shelf of the storage compartment. Cut one piece for the back and two pieces for the sides. The front of the bottom shelf will rest on the face frame. If you're going to install inner shelves, cut three cleats for each of those shelves.

Attach the face piece to the frame. Lay the frame on its back and spread wood glue on the front of it then lay the face frame on top and nail it into place.

Step 4

Add the Shelves

Nail the cleats for the bottom shelf to the inside of the frame, make sure they are flush with the face frame so that your shelf will sit level. Lay the bottom shelf in place and nail into the cleats at the corners. Attach cleats for upper shelves then secure those shelves into place. You may want to add decorative trim to cover the edge of the inner shelves.

Step 5



Stain or Paint Unit

Patch any nail holes then stain or paint to desired color and let dry overnight.