15 Tips to Reorganize Your Kitchen After Thanksgiving

Learn how to reorganize effectively after conquering the kitchen’s biggest holiday.

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Thanksgiving has come and gone, and chances are your relative wasn't the only one who got on your nerves. Spending that much time with your kitchen is bound to bring out its worst qualities. Maybe those lingering feelings of resentment left you ready to tackle some kitchen organization projects. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Choose the problem that best describes your Thanksgiving, and find tips to ensure your next holiday is angst-free.

You realized your cabinets and drawers are jam-packed.

Utilize Cabinet Doors

Hang Measuring Cups on Back of Cabinets for Added Space

Hang Measuring Cups on Back of Cabinets for Added Space

The secret to a more organized kitchen is utilizing a long-forgotten space: the back of the cabinet door. Jule Eller, Lowe’s director of trend and style, says it is the perfect place to hang racks for measuring cups and spoons. “That’s kind of a hidden secret,” she says. “It really helps with organization.”

Photo by: Lowe’s


The backs of cabinet doors are a great place to store kitchen gadgets that are cluttering your drawers. Simply attach a rod to the inside of the door, and use binder clips to hang items like measuring cups and spoons.

Display Your Spices

Dry Spices in Glass Jars

Dry Spices in Glass Jars

Dry spices are stored in glass containers in Atlanta interior designer Eryn Houck’s kitchen, adding color and interest to what would otherwise have been a blank wall.

Photo by: Eryn Houck

Eryn Houck

If you desperately need cabinet space, consider emptying the spice cabinet and displaying your spices, instead. Just be sure to place them into uniform containers to achieve a clean, sophisticated look.

Try a Hanging Pot Rack

Illuminated Pot Rack

Illuminated Pot Rack

A pot rack with an integrated light fixture with small halogen bulbs takes advantage of vertical space and can add task lighting to the work space below.

If you have an appropriate spot for one, a hanging pot rack can be an excellent storage solution. Your pots will be easily accessible, and you’ll open up a cabinet to store other items. It's a win-win!

Sneak In Some Pegboards

Hidden Pegboard in Kitchen

Hidden Pegboards

A set of columns on either side of the sink look purely decorative, but they’re totally practical with their pegboard-style storage. Design by John McGilvray.

Photo by: Jason Kisner ©Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Jason Kisner, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Think beyond decorative when it comes to super-narrow spots like this one. A pegboard can create instant storage space for a variety of kitchen supplies. Design by John McGilvray

Or Don’t Sneak Them

White Kitchen With Pegboard Backsplash

White Kitchen With Pegboard Backsplash

A pegboard backsplash allows for extra storage as well as display space. The inexpensive panels are fastened to the walls, then hooks from the hardware store are used to hang utensils and kitchen gadgets.

Photo by: Lindsay Raymondjack ©Designs by Joanne Palmisano, photos by Susan Teare

Lindsay Raymondjack, Designs by Joanne Palmisano, photos by Susan Teare

If you’re totally on board with pegboards, consider installing them as a functional backsplash. Just imagine all the drawers you could reclaim!

Make Space Under the Kitchen Sink

Curtain Rod with Cleaning Supplies

Spring-Loaded Curtain Rod to the Rescue

When organizing your kitchen, it’s easy to forget the dark area below the sink. Stop tossing in the miscellaneous cleaning supplies, and give them a space that’s all their own. By adding a small curtain rod below the sink, you will be able to hang your cleaning supply bottles while also opening up the bottom of the cabinet for other items.

The cabinet under the kitchen sink often gets crammed full, decreasing its functionality. Create space by adding a small curtain rod to hang cleaning supplies. That way, the bottom of the cabinet will be open for other items.

You couldn't find ingredients quickly.

Float Your Food

 Magnetized Mason Jars Hanging From Cabinet

Magnetized Mason Jars Hanging From Cabinet

Maximize your counter space by hanging Mason jars from the bottoms of your cabinet. By attaching sheet metal underneath your upper cabinets and magnets to the tops of jars, you can free up counter space and ensure your spices are always nearby. “For me, it’s nice to have your spices within reach,” says Jule Eller, Lowe’s director of trend and style. “So if they’re right there, you can grab them pretty easily.” Decluttering your counter space will ensure there is extra space for cooking come mealtime.

Photo by: Lowe’s


Place foods you frequently use in jars, and hang them from the bottom of your cabinets. Attach sheet metal underneath your upper cabinets and magnets to the jar lids.

Organize Your Spices



When your spices are unorganized, using them is a pain. Spend some time organizing, so they’re all within easy reach. Tip: If you don’t have a drawer to dedicate to spices, a lazy Susan is great for organizing them in a cabinet.

Organize Your Refrigerator

Tips for Organizing in the Kitchen

Tips for Organizing in the Kitchen

Organizational strategies for organizing cooking spices, your knife collection, and inside your refrigerator.

Photo by: Emily Fazio ©2017

Emily Fazio, 2017

Do items get lost in the abyss of your fridge? It’s time to spend some time organizing. Consider using a turntable for condiments and other clear containers to organize staples.

Get the Pantry Under Control

Food in See Through Bins

Baskets + Bins

Organize your pantry staples in see-through, pull-out baskets it'll make it easier to see what you have and what you need.

Photo by: Toni Hammersley

Toni Hammersley

Organizing your pantry isn’t as difficult as you think. It is, however, super-helpful when it comes time to finding the 37 ingredients for the casserole you volunteered to make.

Store on the Door



Just as you can utilize the back of your cabinet doors, you can also utilize the back of your pantry door. Attach wire organizing units, and fill them with items you use most often.

You totally ran out of counter space.

Consider Large-Appliance Storage

Rev-a-Shelf Stand Mixer

Rev-A-Shelf Stand Mixer and Appliance Lift

If you’ve got an appliance that needs to move — say, a heavy stand mixer or a clunky breadmaker — you could be in for serious pain upon lifting. Remove the danger with an in-cabinet appliance lift like Rev-A-Shelf. It can elevate hefty items almost as if they’re weightless.

Photo by: Rev-A-Shelf ©2017

Rev-A-Shelf, 2017

When you’re working with limited counter space, you can’t leave all your appliances out. But if you’ve ever tried lifting a stand mixer into a cabinet, you know it’s no easy task. That’s why you’ll be ultra-thankful you installed this appliance lift.

Designate a Paper Towel Drawer

Paper Towels in Drwer

Paper Towel Drawer

An open-face drawer with a built-in paper towel dispenser makes the towels easy to reach but it is not an obvious part of the kitchen. Design by John McGilvray.

Photo by: Jason Kisner ©Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Jason Kisner, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Paper towels are a must for most kitchens, but they don’t have to crowd your counter. Consider dedicating a drawer to them. Design by John McGilvray

Make the Most of Open Shelves

Kitchen with large windows and open shelving

Modern Kitchen with Rustic Touches and Open Storage

This modern kitchen, including a wall of windows, adds rustic touches with a farmhouse sink, open shelving made of reclaimed wood, and a butcher block island. This kitchen leaves everything on display and accessible. Open shelves provide plenty of storage while keeping everyday serveware, pots and pans within easy reach. For the serious chef, built-in knife slots in this kitchen's butcher-block island keep culinary tools handy.

Keep your countertops bare, and load up your shelves, instead. Place the items you use most often on the bottom shelves, working your way upward.

You tripped over toys and dropped the turkey.

Add Kid-Height Toy Storage

Kitchen island with toy storage

Kitchen Toy Drawer

Keep little ones busy while you finish up dinner prep with hideaway kitchen storage for art supplies. Roll-out shelves make the most of the storage space at the end of this colorful island and make it easy for kids to access crayons and paper then neatly put everything away again. Photo courtesy of Mullet Cabinets, Inc.

OK, I really hope you didn’t actually trip and drop your turkey. But, since kid clutter is a universal problem in almost every room of the home, I thought it necessary to address. Kid-height kitchen storage allows kids to put their own things away and will (hopefully) keep them from dragging other rooms’ toys into the kitchen.

Pantry Organization Made Easy

See All Photos

Browse stunning images of beautifully-organized pantries, and get inspired to tackle your own.

Let It Slide

Slide-out racks, drawers and baskets make finding everything you're looking for a breeze.

Up, Up and Away

Make the most of your space, and don't be afraid to stack items all the way to the ceiling when you keep a handy step stool within easy reach.

Spacious Surprise

With a swing-out pantry, you can maintain a sleek look in the kitchen while still having plenty of room for all your cooking essentials.

Time to Purge

Looking to start fresh? Clear all expired, useless products. Then organize what's left into clear, pullout bins. This process will make cooking dinner and packing lunches a snap.

Photo By: Toni Hammersley

Feels Like Home

For a kitchen pantry that fits your every need and makes use of all available space, combine a moveable cart and behind-the-door storage.

Walk About

A walk-in pantry with shelves stacked high on either side offers plenty of space for spices, canned goods and even dishes. Plus, there's still room to walk around.

Push and Pull

A pullout pantry is the perfect way to gain useful storage space without taking up too much space on its own.

Moving On Up (Or Down)

Make use of adjustable shelving, and make room for all your favorite treats and products.

©Image courtesy of ClosetMaid

On Display

When your pantry is this organized, there's no reason to hide it. Skip the doors, and make your kitchen seem larger in turn.

©Image courtesy of ClosetMaid

Separation Anxiety

For an extra dose of organization, invest in shelf separators to keep similar items grouped together.

©Image courtesy of ClosetMaid

Make It Happen

Are you making the most of your space? If you don't have adequate room in your pantry, consider turning a closet into a luxurious walk-in pantry.

©Image courtesy of transFORM

In Clear Sight

Keep fresh produce in sight and on hand with see-through wire baskets — also great for storing snacks!

©Image courtesy of ClosetMaid

Adding On

If you need to add pantry space but don't have the money to renovate, simply add spacious shelves to your walls for a custom look on a budget.

©Image courtesy of Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

Dose of Color

It may not help add storage, but a fresh coat of paint in a fun hue can certainly lift your spirits and make dinner prep a little more fun.

©Image courtesy of ClosetMaid

Make Your Own

If you're really running low on pantry space, it's possible to add pullout shelves to a basic cabinet. The result? A storage-packed mini pantry!

©Image courtesy of MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.

Simple Stacking

Whether you're looking to keep dry goods fresh or to group small items together, you can never go wrong with clear, stackable storage containers.

©Image courtesy of California Closets

Problem Solved

Think you'd have to have a walk-in pantry to ever have enough storage space? Think again! This pantry, which makes use of pullouts of every kind, creates all the room a person could need.

Photo By: Steven Rossi Photography

China Cabinet Alternative

Store your dishes right alongside your nonperishables with wire racks made especially to keep plates safe and sound.

©Image courtesy of ClosteMaid

Tray Cute

Make pans and platters look right at home with vertical shelves that make finding and pulling out the right one a piece of cake.

©Image courtesy of California Closets

Standalone Solution

One pantry option that often gets overlooked is the standalone pantry unit. But it's the perfect solution for those who don't have a pantry but do have an empty wall or two.

©Image courtesy of ClosetMaid

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