How to Keep a Clean House with Pets

Don't let your house go to the dogs or cats! Maintain a clean and tidy house, while still creating the ultimate haven for your furry best friends.

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March 18, 2019
By: Chelsey Bowen
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Find the Right Vacuum

If your pet leaves more hair around your house than they seem to have on their entire body, we feel you. Invest in a vacuum designed specifically to handle pet hair. Look for one that has extra attachments for removing fur from upholstery and for making it easier to get to hard-to-reach areas.

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Baking Soda to the Rescue

When you need to eliminate pet odors from your carpets and rugs, turn to our trusty cleaning pal: baking soda. It is an all-natural (and inexpensive!) odor absorber. Sprinkle the baking soda liberally on your carpet and rugs. Wait a few hours or even overnight so it has a chance to absorb the odors. Then, simply vacuum it up.

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Tend to Where They Sleep

Opt for beds that are machine washable to cut back on odors. Throw the covers or entire bed in the wash once a week or every other week so that your fur babies have a sweet-smelling bed to curl up on for naps and bedtime.

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Clean ASAP

Your best bet for handling accidents is to tackle them as soon as they happen. Blot as much as possible with paper towels or a cloth and then apply a cleaning solution. For a homemade concoction, try one part vinegar to one part warm water. For store-bought, we're partial to Nature's Miracle, which uses an enzymatic formula to break down the tough stains and odors.

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Playtime, Laundered

Anyone that's picked up a drool-laden ball knows cleaning toys is a must. Check your toys' tags to see if they have specific cleaning instructions, but in general:

Hard Toys: Throw them in the dishwasher or hand wash with warm water and antibacterial soap. If they're particularly grimy, pre-soak them in an equal parts vinegar/water solution.

Soft Toys: Toss whatever you can in the washing machine with baking soda. If they can't go in the washing machine, use your same vinegar/water mixture to handwash the toys. A lot of toys are tough enough to handle the dryer, but those with squeakers or other plastic pieces are better hung to dry or set out in the sun.

Set Up Your Entry for Success

Stop messes before they even enter your house. Bringing pets in from the outdoors can be a messy business — muddy paws, wet fur, oh my! This mudroom is a pet owner's dream with a complete shower for giving your pup a thorough cleaning when needed. However, most of us don't have room for a dedicated pet space. Have grooming wipes and a basket of towels by the door to wipe your furry friends down before they track anything on your floors.

An Extra Layer

Lay blankets on your sofas and chairs to help protect your upholstery and keep most of the fur under control. When guests stop by, set the blanket aside for a quick de-furring. Of course, your pup might give them the evil eye for sitting in her spot, but at least your guest walks away with fur-less pants.

Savvy Camouflage

We all find a fairly out-of-the-way space to store litter boxes. This clever solution adds an extra level of concealment when you really need to keep it out of sight. Make sure to empty the litter box every day or two to eliminate odors.

In Their Own Little Corner

Give your pets a place of their own, complete with all their essentials: bed, food and water bowls, and playthings. Not only does it provide them with a sense of comfort and security (which is really the most important aspect!), but it also helps you contain most of the mess to one area, making it easier for you to maintain a clean home.

Access Granted (or Denied)

Keep pups at bay with gates. Whether you need specific rooms to be dog-free all the time, such as the kids' playroom full of very yummy and chewable toys, or you need to be able to block certain spaces from time to time, gates keep your furry friends from making messes in every room of your home. With so many options available now, you don't have to settle for the cheap plastic versions. Find one that matches the style of your home or, as pictured, one that's installed as a pocket door to be pulled out when needed.

All the Things

Create a pet catchall where you can keep all their essentials organized. We love this cabinet that is outfitted to house food, toys, treats and even cleaning supplies. You don't have to have an entire cabinet though — clear off a shelf or designate a spot in a closet or pantry to handle all your kitty's and pup's necessities.

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Tidy Up for Mealtime

An integrated feeding station allows you to hide away your pet's food and water bowls when not in use. Designed to blend into this kitchen, the cabinet also provides storage for food and treats.

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