How to Keep Laminate Floors Clean and Shiny

Check out these quick tips on how to maintain laminate floors and keep them looking new.

Laminate floors require a special kind of maintenance to keep them gleaming. To get yours to pass the Risky Business white-sock test, follow these easy tips. 

Protect ‘Em

• Wipe up wet spills immediately. Water + Laminate = Disaster

• Place mats under your furry friend’s water bowl and consider a mat under your baby’s high chair.

• Don’t use anything that promotes a shine. These cause waxy buildup that is very difficult to remove.

• Avoid pine scented cleaners. These cleaners leave a dull, soapy residue.

Neutral Kitchen With Rustic Wood Laminate Floor and Dark Wood Cabinets

Entryway and Kitchen With Wood Laminate Flooring

This home's entryway features the same rustic-looking wood laminate as the kitchen, making the space feel fluid and cohesive. Dark kitchen cabinets contrast with the flooring, giving the space a more contemporary feel.

From: Brother Vs. Brother

• Steer clear of Murphy’s Oil. It leaves major streaks on laminate.

• Vinegar is widely debated. It’s acidic which isn’t the best for your laminate surface, but many people swear by a little bit of vinegar and a lot of hot water to cut pet grime. Used in abundance, though, it can remove the protective seal on your floors.

• Traditional wet mopping is a no-no!

• No stiletto heels on laminate. Pop those foxy shoes on at your front door on your way out!

• Trim pet nails. The mad dash to bark at the mailman can scrape off the protective layer on your laminate, allowing water to intrude at cleaning time.

• For the same reason, place furniture pads under all table and chair legs.

Maintenance Tips

• Sweep often. A soft-bristle broom can get up most of the pet hair, dust and dirt that collects on your floor.

• To grab the hard-to-reach dust in the corners of your rooms, use a soft-brush attachment on your vacuum.

• Use a damp mop: This means less water has the chance to seep in between your laminate seams. Use very hot water and a few drops of dish soap. Some products that work well are Bruce and Bona.

In A Pinch

• Use a steam mop occasionally for a very deep clean. Not daily, though, because the repeated use of steam can cause the laminate to buckle.

• You can use a window cleaner occasionally for spills but don’t over use ammonia, which can strip protective sealant.

Sandy Blonde Laminate Floor

House Counselor New Rental Flooring

A sandy blonde hard-wearing laminate floor was laid with a high-quality underlayment to keep noise to a minimum. The color was chosen to go with the beach inspired decor.

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