Easy-Clean Bathroom 01:03

Here is the DIY Download on an Easy-Clean Bathroom.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

All-in-one vanity/sink
Power drill
Wood screws
Silicone caulk
Motion-activated faucet
Shower glass treatment kit
White vinegar
Plastic bag
Rubber bands
Tile and grout treatment kit
Opaque blinds
Exhaust fan

Step 2

Tips for Bathroom Cleaning

1. Install motion-activated faucet.

2. Seal edges of vanity around wall with silicone caulk

3. Seal shower door with glass treatment kit.

4. Clean grime and soap scum with pre-cleaner.

5. Apply treatment; for three years, all you do is wipe glass clean once a week.

6. To free showerhead of mineral deposits, submerge in plastic bag of undiluted white vinegar overnight.

7. Brush away deposits with toothbrush.

8. Seal grout and tile with tile treatment kit.

9. To discourage mildew increase light and air circulation.

10. Install opaque blinds or open curtains after showering.

11. Run exhaust fan for 30 minutes or open window.

Pro Tip

Be proactive in your bathroom when it comes to cleaning.