Blog Cabin 2013: Roofing and Structural Framing

Work continues as the Blog Cabin 2013 home site as framing is finished and roofing work begins.

A 3'x4' cupola, built on the ground, will be lifted into place once the roof over the center of the house is framed. Nearby lifesaving stations inspired the design.

To combat moisture and weather issues, pressure-treated plywood clads the first four feet of the home’s exterior. To combat rust, only stainless or galvanized fasteners will be installed.

The foyer area, facing south, offers a beautiful water view. The new porch roof line is rebuilt to match the original. The online community will vote for a ceiling treatment in this area.

A skylight in the master bathroom shower area will beam natural light into the space.

Larger than the originals, new porch columns extend from the footing to the roof. The use of 6"x6"s allowed the construction team to notch in the deck bandboard without compromising strength.

Two framed openings in the wall separate the family room from the hallway. One opening will accommodate a large door that opens to the family room. The other opening will house a Murphy bed.

Structural framing for the second-floor deck will be waterproofed and clad with decking.

A lull holds the ridge beam while rafters are installed. A ridge beam rather than a ridge board was chosen to accommodate a vaulted ceiling. A continuous post at the bend of the beam transfers the load all the way to the footing.