Late Spring at Blog Cabin 2012

The construction crew completes remodeling projects at Blog Cabin 2012 and moves indoors to begin the interior design process.

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Siding on the home's south-end wall is completed. A temporary boiler vent and propane line are visible at ground level.

The kitchen space is prepped and ready for the Kitchen Crashers team to arrive and install cabinetry, appliances and more.

Blog Cabin's original front doors are test fitted in the master suite entryway.

To achieve the appropriate R-value, high-performance spray-foam insulation was applied to the second-floor 2x6 roof rafters. Both knee walls were shimmed and straightened in preparation for drywall installation. Collar ties will be stained as per the People's Choice Family Room vote.

Ground has been broken and work has begun on the back deck and outdoor spaces.

The construction crew works on the People's Choice deck layout in preparation for the arrival of the Yard Crashers team.

A cozy nook under the stairs will house a special House Crashers DIY project.

Blog Cabin's new front door is currently under construction at Knickerbocker Group's cabinetry shop.

The home's original floor boards will be repurposed during episodes of Blog Cabin 2012.

The original front door corbels will be reused somewhere in the house.

The new master bathtub is roughed in. Proper supports were installed in the basement to support the weight of the tub and water.

The high-performance boiler system located in the basement is laid out on its own board.

Easy access to hydronic heating system components aids in an emergency shutdown situation or when troubleshooting the system.