DIY Network Blog Cabin 2012: Revised Floor Plan

DIY Network Blog Cabin 2012 is completely transformed, with a new to-code staircase, a grand front entrance that carves space inside for a foyer and mudroom, and interior spaces that flow naturally from the front entrance.

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First Floor

A new single-door entrance provides plenty of room inside to greet guests and stow boots and coats. A double staircase will be replaced by a new code-approved staircase that descends into the living room/foyer area. The living room will be centralized with access to the kitchen and master suite. Large windows and sliding doors on the first floor will take advantage of dramatic water views.

Second Floor

The home’s unfinished attic will be converted to a family room . An existing bedroom adjacent to that space will be converted to a library, with old barn windows providing views from this room into the hallway.