Blog Cabin 2012: February Update

In late winter, energy efficient windows are installed at Blog Cabin 2012 and work begins on interior spaces.

A composite Noah Merrill window assembly, installed above what will be the living room window seat, views east to the waterline and will provide a quiet spot to enjoy scenery.

A rough opening will house exterior glass doors that lead from the dining area to the deck, which is being partially constructed pending the outcome of the People's Choice Round 5 vote.

The home's rough-framed staircase leads to the second floor and a new and improved family room.

The home's former attic will be transformed into a tricked-out Mega Dens family room. The room's original framing will be preserved; reinforcements will be selected by bloggers in the People's Choice Round 4 vote. Special how-to projects are in the works for this space.

A room adjacent to the family room will be transformed based on bloggers' votes in the People's Choice Round 4 vote.

Good Housekeeping design experts will transform this bonus room into a special guest suite. Framing is being mended after a set of stairs from the first floor was removed.

On Jan. 10, era-appropriate and energy efficient windows from Mathews Brothers, the oldest window manufacturer in the United States, were installed.

Window installation continues on the home's east side over the partially completed rear deck.

A relic from the home's past, this clothesline area may be repurposed.

Boulders sourced on-site will be used in landscape design episodes of Blog Cabin 2012.

The home's original window sashes were salvaged for interior design projects. Surplus materials will be donated to a building reuse organization like Habitat for Humanity's ReStore.

Building materials salvaged from the home are presently stored in the barn. In the People's Choice Round 6 vote, bloggers will help the design/build team determine a use for the home's original door pediment and corbels.

Knickerbocker Group will handcraft a custom door for the home's new front door location.

Inside the front door, a mudroom will feature flooring chosen by bloggers in Round 1 of the People's Choice vote.