DIY Network Blog Cabin 2011: Floor Plans

First Floor

DIY Network Blog Cabin 2011 is a historic home located on Mobjack Bay on the western shore of Virginia's Chesapeake Bay. According to architect Gregory Brezinski, the redesigned layout strives to maintain much of the character of the original home but also employs a modern emphasis on making full use of the magnificent bay views.

Second Floor

The layout of the second floor roughly follows the plan of the first. It retains two of the home's four original bedrooms but, in keeping with the desires of many contemporary homeowners, reconfigures two of the rooms, replacing them with a larger, luxurious bathroom and adjacent master bedroom.

Third Floor

The third floor, which features a fourth bedroom, music/playroom and sitting room, employs the relatively modern feature of diagonal walls which, in this case, help provide structural reinforcement. The original stair to the third floor is opened up and made similar to that of the second floor so that the central hall is now opened to all three floors.