Blog Cabin 2011: The Rejects

We searched high and low to find Blog Cabin 2011. Along the way, we discovered a few diamonds in the rough. Although these cottages ultimately didn’t make the cut, each home earned points for charm, views or size/location of the lot.

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Pros: What’s not to love? This adorable cottage, located in Virginia, oozes charm.
Cons: The property requires only minimal upgrades; proximity to neighbors is another minus.

Pros: This Virginia home boasts an amazing property and stellar views.
Cons: An outdated gambrel roof detracts from the home’s charm.

Pros: This two-story Colonial, located in Maryland, boasts historic charm and features outbuildings located in the backyard.
Cons: The property is too small; the commute to the nearest town is too long.

Pros: This hunting and fishing cabin, located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, offers breathtaking views of the Chesapeake Bay.
Cons: The home is situated too close to a major road and lacks landscaping potential.

Pros: This bay-front property in Maryland is all about location.
Cons: Lack of privacy and a small footprint leave alot to be desired.

Pro: The beautiful backyard of this charming Virginia cottage says it all.
Cons: Privacy issues trump the amazing view.

Pros: This Maryland home features a private dock just a short stroll from the front yard.
Cons: A home across the street from the bay does not equal bay front.

Pros: This Maryland home is located near the Chesapeake Bay.
Cons: The property is located too close to a major road and bridge.

Pros: This beach cottage situated on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia boasts breathtaking views.
Cons: The cottage is in a sad state of disrepair; a complete demo is in order.

Pros: This home, located on a bluff overlooking Virginia’s York River, is nestled on a picture-perfect lot.
Cons: Accessibility issues make for a difficult remodel.

Pros: This Virginia home offers great renovation potential.
Cons: The home is too similar in style to Blog Cabin 2010.

Pros: This home boasts a remote location on Gwynn’s Island, an island located in the Chesapeake Bay on Virginia’s Middle Peninsula.
Cons: The home fell under contract.

Pros: This cottage, located on a tributary that feeds into the Chesapeake Bay, features a wooded lot.
Cons: The home is too small.

Pros: This cozy cottage has charm and character in spades.
Cons: Size and the neighborhood are less than appealing.