Blog Cabin 2011: The Best of the Blogs

We've compiled some of our favorite blog posts from Blog Cabin 2011. We'd like to share them with you and revisit some of the photos that may have helped inspire your comments.

Photo By: Evan Sung for The New York Times

Take heart, Carolyn. They add new words to the dictionary every year.

"The word for today is 'WONDERMOUS.' It's the only word that I can think of to describe these views. Now don't go looking up this word in the dictionary, it's a word that my kids use that has rubbed off on me."
–Carolyn S.

Simple cabin romance

"I'm so in love!"

You have to pick your allegiances.

"Everyone else can have the Dream Home, Green Home, Urban thingy ... I want this cabin! This is my kind of living!"

Willing to relocate

"... I just have fallen for this house so much that I would move clear across the US to Virginia."

Undying affection

"Had to take one final look at the BC views tonight. Yep, still has my heart!"

Not crazy about the paint, but at least there's the scenery.

"Seriously, y'all are going to make me repaint every room in the house??? ;) Oh well, at least I can go look at the water whenever I need to take a break... B)"

Not to state the obvious, but ...

"Excuse me? Where is the Laundry Room?"

Mind your crustaceans and mollusks, please.

[On selecting bath accessory motifs] "I also like the idea of the shellfish, except they are lobsters. We don't have lobsters in VA, we have crabs (yum!) and oysters (yum! yum!)."

Deena Paul? Isn't she on another network?

[On the selection of kitchen knives] "Gee, being an old GA girl, gotta go with the 'DEENA PAUL' knives! Got to support the old girl, even if she takes the Southern drawl a bit to a 'far side of the moon' ... Bye y'all ... and YES, I know that a "YAWL" is a small fishing boat. But if you haven't lived in the South, sure hope you are coming soon ..."

Spell check on the fritz. (Thanks for the catch! We've fixed it now.)

"Big change first floor plans — kitchen is now dining room and combined and great room and living are one space ... PS, DIY it's 'dining' not 'dinning.'"

No, but we do have some rather audacious blue crabs. They're delicious, by the way.

"I just wonder if sand gnats are as bad there as they are here in NW Florida where I live !? In the late afternoon, near the bay, even screens don't do any good ! Those little boogers can get through anything & bite the mud out of you!!"

An economy with words

"I'm in love! (that's all I got)"

Most creative use of punctuation

"Oh. My. Gosh. FABULOUS!!!!"
–Debra G.

Whoa! Easy there, Carolyn.

"OK, it's official, I love this house more than my family. LOL"
–Carolyn S

Hey, great name! Mind if we use that? ;)

"OMG! This is a dream home. I mean, I actually dream about this house!!! :) "

Yes, Dreamgirl, that's pretty much the idea.

"Man I wish I was the photographer! Imagine experiencing these gorgeous views in person! Wait a minute ... one of us will!! Thanks, Mary, for making my day ;)"