Blog Cabin 2011: Construction Q&A

You've got questions. We've got answers. DIY offers some up-to-the minute updates on the construction, renovation and floor plans at Blog Cabin 2011.

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Photo By: Frank Murray

Photo By: Frank Murray

Q. Are all the porches going to be screened in?

A. The porches will be open so as not to block the magnificent views from the first floor.

Q. How wide is the back deck?

A. Along with spectacular views comes the responsibility to protect and preserve the water line and tidal areas. A 100-foot setback is required for the Resource Protection Area (RPA). A portion of the house already exists within the RPA and was thus grandfathered. The new deck is 4 feet wide, which corresponds to the existing encroachment from the former rear set of stairs.

Q. What does the great room door next to the window bench open up to?

A. It faces east and opens out onto a small railed porch.

Q. Is it too late to put a third-floor balcony off of the sitting room, similar to the one on the second-floor front?

A. Unfortunately, as the upper floor windows have been installed, no third-floor porch can be added. A south sitting room with large windows does exist, and there are decks on the second and first floors.

Q. Why does the third-floor bathroom have two sinks rather than a shower?

A. This bathroom will feature a stand-up shower on the wall opposite the toilet.

Q. What is the before-and-after square footage of the house?

A. When originally constructed, the house featured just under 2,000 square feet of living space. Over the years the third floor was built out to bring the total to around 2,600 square feet. The final size will remain about the same. Although 48 square feet was added to the great room, some space was lost at the clipped corners on the first and second floors.

Q. Will the original hardwood floor be salvaged and reused? Is anything else in the original house going to be recycled?

A. The existing floor now serves as a subfloor for the new finished floor. The original fireplace mantels, interior doors and structural wood (that was removed) will be reused or repurposed.

Q. What kind of air, heat and water systems will be installed?

A. The home will feature a high-efficiency, air-to-air heat pump. Other green features include thermal value of the windows, doors and insulation, and fully insulated crawlspaces and attics. The house water will be by way of a 120-foot-deep well.

Q. Where is the laundry room?

A. The laundry room is located on the second floor, off the hallway, where one enters the shared bath. Due to space constraints, a stacked washer/dryer system was selected.

Q. Where is the mechanical room?

A. A mechanical closet exists on the first floor, adjacent to the fireplace. The second and third floors are served from the attic space.

Q. Will there be a garage or other buildings on the property?

A. At this point, no garage. There are no other buildings on the property.