The Best DIY Network Blog Cabin 2010 Time-Lapse Photos

Watch winter transition to spring and storms wreak havoc as construction continues at the DIY Network Blog Cabin 2010 site, located in upstate New York, just a stone's throw from the Catskill Mountains.

Exterior Front: February 2010

Before construction commences, winter storms batter the broken-down DIY Network Blog Cabin 2010.

Exterior Front: March 2010

The dirty job of demolition begins at DIY Network Blog Cabin 2010, as winter transitions to spring.

Exterior Front: April 2010

With framing complete, work begins on roofing and siding as well as the front porch.

Exterior Front: May 2010

The front porch undergoes a transformation in the month of May, as stone is applied to porch columns and installation of siding is completed.

Exterior Front: June 2010

The back deck is installed and the cabin nears completion.

Interior: Spring

The living room is stripped of furnishings, interior spaces are razed and new framing and insulation are installed.

Exterior Back: Spring

The chimney is dismantled, roofing is replaced and a new deck is installed.

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