Backyard Deck Pictures From Blog Cabin 2010

Dean and Derek from Indoors Out join John DeSilvia to finish the back deck, patio and landscaping at Blog Cabin 2010.

Gravel is poured underneath the framing of the back deck.

The back deck, constructed of compositive material, measures almost 600 feet.

Rough-cut rails give the deck a rustic look.

Custom-made stair stringers for the 15-foot-long stadium stairs are installed.

Derek Stearns nails the riser boards in place.

Once riser boards are installed, compositive treads are attached.

Eight-by-eight-foot rough-cut hemlock posts are prepared for installation.

John DeSilvia checks each post with a level.

Bluestone tops each hemlock deck post.

Custom-made red cedar shutters are attached to the back windows.

A view of the back deck showcases custom railings and posts.

John DeSilvia marks off the area that will become the back patio.

The patio space is leveled and filled with gravel.

Derek Stearns tamps the surface with a plate compactor.

John DeSilvia and crew examine the bluestone that will pave the patio area.

Dean Marsico lays pavers in place.

Pavers are custom cut to accommodate a circular fire pit.

The fire pit is surrounded by a flagstone surround.

The finished patio offers up an inviting spot to enjoy breathtaking views of the countryside.

The landscape crew lays down almost 1,000 square feet of Kentucky bluegrass sod.

Shrubs and flowering plants complete the landscape design.