Basement Pictures From Blog Cabin 2008

Tour a few features of a log cabin's basement, also known as the "man cave."

The room can be entered from the garage or the lake-side patio. Jason Cameron, host of DIY's Man Caves, came well-equipped to help give this a room a masculine feel, but one that can be enjoyed by all.

Although it's located in the basement, because of the hillside layout of the house, the "man cave" actually opens onto the sun-drenched patio.

Barn-door style shades, built and installed by cabin contractors Chris and Simon Hodshon, close to black out exterior light, permitting a more authentic movie experience in the home theater.

Jason Cameron created a free-standing wet bar that's faced with faux barn doors, a rustic touch that was carried through in the sliding shutters for glass patio doors as well as the exterior doors on the adjacent garage.

The wet bar features a rustic wood exterior and recessed ice bucket.

A custom-built shelf, made from recycled oars, was added by Cameron and the Blog Cabin team. Repurposed boat oars and vintage wooden water skis also find a new purpose in the cabin as decorative accents, keeping with a lake-home theme.