Backyard Pictures From Blog Cabin 2008

The 2008 Blog Cabin is nestled in a community on Watts Bar Lake in east Tennessee. The lake, one of the largest in the southern United States, is fed by the Tennessee River. It covers 39,000 acres and more than 700 miles of shoreline.

A small patio sits off the shore of Watts Bar Lake. Seating options and a fire pit take the entertaining from the deck to the water.

The landscaping designed by Blog Cabin host Ahmed Hassan includes a pondless water feature and native stone that was on the property before construction began. This view facing toward the lake from the patio area shows off Ahmed's vision.

A view from near the shoreline reveals the fire pit and patio areas.

An outdoor hot tub, complete with a privacy screen, fills the gorgeous backyard landscaping.

The sparsely developed land the Blog Cabin occupies is still a natural setting that's ideal for water-sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.