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Episode Guide

Full Episode Guide

March 22, 4:30 am
Hot Days and Cold Nights
March 21, 4:30 am
Man's Playground
March 20, 4:30 am
Buried Treasure
March 19, 4:30 am
Jurassic Attack
March 15, 4:30 am
Park Place
March 14, 4:30 am
Double Trouble
March 13, 4:30 am
Desert Oasis

About This Show

Yard Attack introduces viewers to a new way to look at total landscape renovation: speed. In each episode, host Steve Watson and his crew design and install a new yard in less time than it takes to bake a cake. The key is in the preparation and execution. A project that would normally take a week is knocked off in a few hours. It's a carefully choreographed assault with stunning results, and everyone is done before lunch. When the dust settles, stunned homeowners are looking at a lush, green oasis where, only hours before, a desolate patch of weeds and dirt once stood. Watch the spectacle unfold on DIY Network's Yard Attack.

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