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Worst Kitchen in America

Episode DWKA-S11H

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  • July 09, 2013

    12:00 PM e/p

Worst Kitchen in America, a partnership between DIY Network and Food Network Magazine sought to find the worst kitchen in the country and transform it into an amazing culinary space fit for a Food Network chef! Over 20,000 photos and videos with all sorts of kitchens: from those that were in a color/style time warp, to those that needed to be condemned. At the end we're looking for a kitchen that represented a little of the worst of everything - and we found it in Alan Young's kitchen in Charlotte, NC. A full room gut and makeover, as well as a surprise trip to the Food Network Wine and Food Festival New York and a meeting with Food Network chef Anne Burrell is in store! Updates include: bamboo floor, dual fuel range, tile wall treatments, new cabinets, floating shelves, stainless appliances, quartz counters.


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