DIY Network

Ridgway Rendezvous

Episode DWDS-108

Deep in the heart of logging country a chain saw isn’t all that unusual, but how they are used at this festival certainly is. The annual Ridgway Rendezvous is the largest chainsaw carving festival in the world. These artists come together and share their passion and techniques for chainsaw carving.

Behind this event are Rick and Liz Boni, shown right, who first invited a few friends over for a weekend of chain saw carving and a backyard barbequing. With about 200 hundred artists making the pilgrimage and hundreds more gathering to watch, this event has become wildly popular. At the end of the weekend, each artist donates a piece to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to local charities.

Two Ridgeway Rendezvous artists share their carving expertise. One demonstrating relief carving a rose, and the other showing carving a hound dog in the round.


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