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Jim Wright: Driftwood Indian

Episode DWDS-109

In this episode of DIY's Woodsculpting, we meet a carver who is passionate about the human form. Jim Wright loves to carve faces in two different styles - in the round, or three-dimensional, and two dimensional relief carvings. What makes this wood sculptor unique is the type of wood he chooses to work with most often - pieces of driftwood found along the banks of lakes and riverbanks of his middle Tennessee home.

"The great thing about carving driftwood," says Jim, "is that no two pieces are the same." Not only does Jim carve driftwood, he also carves logs in-the-round, or 3 dimensional like with the bust carving of an American Indian pictured right . A retired school teacher, Jim found that carving after work was a great stress reliever - as he carved all the burdens from the day seem to fall to the floor with his wood shavings.

For this project, Jim demonstrates how to carve an American Indian face from a piece of driftwood.


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