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Tips and Tricks for Accurately Cutting Drywall (page 3 of 3)

Learn the pro tips for properly cutting and fitting drywall.

Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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Cutting openings

If you need to cut window openings, it is easier to hang the drywall over the opening before cutting out the hole for the window. If your windows are already installed, but the jambs are not, you may still find it easier to install the drywall panel before cutting out the hole. But, if the entire window unit is installed in the opening, you may want to measure and cut the hole in the drywall before you install the panels.

Cutting Window Openings

A. Install the drywall in place over the opening. Mark the hole by scoring along the top of the window opening (Image 1).

B. Using the tip of a drywall saw, make an incision through the drywall (Image 2).

C. Cut along the sides of the window opening using the drywall saw (Image 3).

D. Snap the drywall forward. Trim any debris with a utility knife, then smooth the edges (Image 4).

Cutting Small Openings

A. Cut a small circular opening through the outlet box with a drywall saw (Image 1).

B. Cut around the inside of the outlet box to create the opening (Image 2).

C. Trim the drywall away from the outside of the box to make room for the box to sit inside the wall (Image 3).

D. Smooth the hole and finish. Insert the box into the hole, then wire as required (Image 4).

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Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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