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Installing Drywall on Ceilings, Arches and Around Curves (page 1 of 3)

Learn how to install drywall in the trickiest, most difficult spaces.

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Hanging drywall over ceilings, arches, and curves takes more patience and requires more hands than drywalling walls. If you are simply repairing a small area, you may not need the aid of a helper. If you are tackling a larger job without any help, there are special tools that are designed to carry, lift, and position drywall, as weight can be a large factor. Whether you have help or not, drywall carriers and lifts are still worth trying, to make the job move more quickly. Before purchasing panels for the ceiling, keep in mind your resources for positioning them in place.

Seeking Assistance
Hanging drywall is often a job that requires more than one DIYer. Never attempt any work that you are not confident that you can complete. Drywall panels can be cumbersome and heavy to lift, carry, and install. Investigate using tools to help with carrying and installing panels. If you need help, it might be a good idea to hire a professional.

Drywall Ceilings
Drywalling ceilings is a job that requires at least two people. Drywall panels are cumbersome and heavy, and lifting them overhead can be tricky. Once they are in position, screwing or nailing the panels in place takes an extra set of hands. There are special tools and simple supports that you can construct to help keep the panels in place, including a T-support constructed of pieces of 2x4 wood. T-supports and drywall lifts also are available from manufacturers.

Drywall Carriers
Drywall panels are difficult to carry without help. Drywall carriers are designed to help make a very cumbersome job much easier. There are carriers available for two people to use together to lift and move material, and others intended for just one person to carry a panel. Shown below is a carrier for one person.

If your material supply is on the same floor of your home as the room you are finishing with drywall, a drywall cart is also an option to move material around your project. Drywall carts make it is easier to store and move multiple sheets. When you carry drywall with another person, make sure you are on the same side of the panel. Lean the panel toward your body.

Shown here is a one-person drywall carrier. Its wheels make it easy to transport drywall panels across a room.

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Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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