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    • Staircase remodel, Scandinavian inspiration, Other Spaces Design


    • Scandinavian Design, I remodel my home inspired by the Scandinavian design., Living Rooms Design


    • Pink laundry room, Other Spaces Design

      Pink laundry

    • From pink to red, Other Spaces Design

      From pink to red 

    • Kitchen Remodel, First full kitchen remodel at our first home!, Kitchens Design

      Kitchen Remodel 

    • My Glam Study, My glitzy redecorated study, Home Offices Design

      My Glam Study 

    • Restoring an Old Structure: Avoid Making These 5 Common Mistakes?, Old houses are gems, but preserving them is indeed a hefty task. But by understanding and knowing the common mistakes that we make while repairing them, we can increase the longevity of the house. Here?s what masonry contractors in Hinsdale say about this.

Old houses are symbols of antiquity and vintage pride. And, you?re surely a lucky fellow if you?ve got an old house to yourself. But they must also be maintained very properly and efficiently otherwise you may have to shell out hefty amounts from your pockets for its regular updo. 
In this article, we shall provide you a list of those common mistakes which you make often and, hence, not only lower the longevity of the house but also ravish your pockets?

1) No More Cheap Paints

Paints not only make the house look better, but also protect the house against a lot of climatic hazards. So, choose the paint properly. Invest in good quality paint. If you?re hiring professionals for the job, keep a track of the paints they buy. Do your homework, and if possibly ask them the amount of paints they?ll need to do the house, and likewise, buy them yourself. 

2) Prim and Prep the Walls Properly

No matter how much better paints you buy, if you?re walls are not prepared properly, then be prepared to see flaky paints in no time. Before you start painting, scale off the old paints and dust the wall properly off any dirt or dust. Then prime your walls with a good quality primer before painting them anew.

3) No Waterproof Exteriors

Waterproof exteriors may be ?in? now, but for residential purposes those are better be avoided. Instead, you may use mineral silicate paints which not only transmit around 90% of the internal water vapor but also make the house much more durable than their waterproof counterparts.

4) Using the Wrong Mortal

Before painting your house, you must make it a point to learn the art of mixing mortars. There are two kinds of mortars available?lime and Portland cement?and, no matter which you?re using, you must make it a point to learn the directions for use before using them straightway.
5) No Waterproof Interiors

If you think waterproof interiors will prevent damps to seep in, then you?re wrong. Instead, the water gets accumulated in the masonry foundation walls and wrecks havoc on the building. There are some simple techniques by which you can solve this problem., Home Exterior Design

      Restoring an Old

    • Travel the World Living Room, I decided to re-design our living room and used a map of the world and the colors blue and green as my inspiration.  I used existing furniture and just changed the accessories and the one wall accent., Living Rooms Design

      Travel the
      World Livi...

    • Girl Pink Black and Rock & Roll Bedroom, When my daughter was 3 years old she requested a big girl room with pink, black, rock & roll and unicorns. It took four years of scrimping, saving and lots of elbow grease. Please tell us what you think of the design that she dreamed up and her Dad and I did our best to give her. Thank you!, Girls' Rooms Design

      Girl Pink Black
      and Rock & ...

    • ID AUS, Design, Living Rooms Design

      ID AUS 

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How-To Videos

1-7 of 7 Install Chair Rail Videos

  1. How to Install a Chair Rail

    How to Install a Chair Rail (07:41)

    Amy Matthews demonstrates step by step how to install a chair rail.

  2. Chair Rail Install: Overview

    Chair Rail Install: Overview (03:58)

    Here's a brief overview of how to install a chair rail.

  3. Step 1: Select a Chair Rail

    Step 1: Select a Chair Rail (00:27)

    How to choose the proper style and size chair rail for a room.

  4. Step 2: Determine Height

    Step 2: Determine Height (01:11)

    How to determine the height at which to install a chair rail.

  5. Step 3: Measure and Mark

    Step 3: Measure and Mark (00:48)

    How to measure and mark walls for a chair rail.

  6. Step 4: Cut and Install Pieces

    Step 4: Cut and Install Pieces (04:06)

    How to cut and hang the pieces of chair rail.

  7. Step 5: Sand and Paint

    Step 5: Sand and Paint (00:50)

    How to finish the chair rail molding by sanding and painting or staining.

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  1. Country Cottage Kitchen Door

    Country Cottage Kitchen Door (02:08)

    See how easy it is to redesign a door with paint and beadboard paneling.

  2. Easy Garage Door Check-up

    Easy Garage Door Check-up (02:53)

    Avoid frequent repair headaches by keeping your garage door maintained.

  3. Garage Door Opener Install

    Garage Door Opener Install (05:06)

    Learn how to install a garage door opener with safety sensors.

  4. Contemporary Pocket Door

    Contemporary Pocket Door (02:40)

    Home expert Amy Matthews teaches a homeowner how to replace a pocket door.

  5. Front Door Kick Plate

    Front Door Kick Plate (01:09)

    In minutes, spruce up your front door with a stylish new kick plate.

  6. Changing a Doorknob

    Changing a Doorknob (01:30)

    Replace that old door handle with something new!

  7. Installing a Deadbolt Lock

    Installing a Deadbolt Lock (03:52)

    Putting a deadbolt lock on your door is easy. Here's how to do it yourself.

  8. Doggie Door

    Doggie Door (00:02:12)

    To install a doggie door in your home, here's what you should know.

  9. Pet Doors - DIY Weekend Tips

    Pet Doors - DIY Weekend Tips (01:13)

    Paul Ryan walks us through the buying and installing of pet doors.

  10. Garage Door Opener

    Garage Door Opener (03:48)

    Our expert covers all the steps for installing a new garage door opener.

1-8 of 8 Install Wainscoting Videos

  1. How to Install Wainscoting

    How to Install Wainscoting (12:40)

    Here's how to create custom wainscoting to give a room an elegant upgrade.

  2. Overview: Install Wainscoting

    Overview: Install Wainscoting (04:10)

    Here's a brief overview of how to install wainscot paneling.

  3. Step 1: Plan the Layout

    Step 1: Plan the Layout (05:19)

    Here are tips on choosing materials and planning a layout for wainscoting.

  4. Step 2: Install Plywood Panels

    Step 2: Install Plywood Panels (02:59)

    Amy Matthews shows how to hang the plywood panels for custom wainscoting.

  5. Step 3: Install the Top Rail

    Step 3: Install the Top Rail (01:10)

    Amy Matthews shows how to install the top rail of custom wainscoting.

  6. Step 4: Cut and Install Stiles

    Step 4: Cut and Install Stiles (00:59)

  7. Step 5: Install the Baseboard

    Step 5: Install the Baseboard (01:14)

    Here's how to install the remaining trim pieces for custom wainscoting.

  8. Step 6: Finish the Wainscot

    Step 6: Finish the Wainscot (00:47)

    Paint, stain or polyurethane is required to protect wainscot paneling.