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How to Repair Problems That Lurk Behind Your Walls

Learn what to do and how to prevent problems like termites, critters and mold.

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Critters in the Attic or Walls

The telltale scratching and scurrying overhead or in the walls means you've got a furry tenant. First, you need to try to identify where they're getting in and how they're getting out. Look for signs such as chew and claw marks, droppings or debris that seems out of place. A musky odor can also provide a clue. Try flushing them out by putting some sort of bait at one entry point, then closing up another and creating a ruckus that would drive them to the baited area. Once they're out, permanently seal up their access points. If you can't drive them out, get some traps appropriate for the animal and appropriate for how humane you care to be.

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