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How to Fix Common Problems on Entry Doors (page 2 of 2)

Learn how to repair dents, replace a threshold, stop squeaky hinges, fix air leaks and more.

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Installing a Weatherboard

A weatherboard can be installed into the doorframe or cut to fit against the frame's profile. This decision often depends on the design of the door. If you choose to cut the weatherboard into the frame of the door, use an offcut section to draw a profile on the edge of the frame. The unwanted wood may then be removed, using a chisel.

At the base of the door, measure the distance between the stiles of the frame. Cut the weatherboard to this length (Image 1).

Draw a line along the top of the weatherboard. Predrill some holes in the front of the board and countersink them (Image 2).

Apply wood preservative to the underside of the board. Once dry, apply wood adhesive along the back edge of the board (Image 3).

Screw the board in place. Test by closing the door; plane off any parts that catch the frame. Fill any holes, then sand and decorate as required (Image 4).

Replacing a Threshold

  • If you have an older home, it may be necessary to cut out a new threshold by sawing through the joint between the doorframe stiles and the top surface of the threshold. It should then be possible to ease it out of position.

  • Apply wood preservative to all surfaces before installing them. Apply several coats to the underside because this can't be accessed again once it has been installed.

  • The new threshold may need to be cut to fit if you are installing a custom door of new side lites.

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Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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