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Drywall and Windows

Useful tips on drywall installation and window maintenance.

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  • Mixing cool water with drywall compound will lengthen the curing process, especially useful when you're working on hot days.

  • Drywall problems can be difficult to see before paint is applied. Holding a flashlight flat up against the wall will highlight imperfections and help you smooth things out.

  • Lip balm makes an excellent masking material for painting multi-pane windows. Apply it directly to the glass before you paint, and after the paint dries, it will wipe away easily from the coated surface.

  • Add tension to lazy window shades by lowering the shade halfway, removing it from the brackets, rolling it up by hand, and remounting.

  • You can clean exterior windows by mixing 1/4-cup of liquid dishwashing detergent into 1-1/2 gallons of hot water. Apply with a large sponge or car-wash mitt and rinse with a hose.

...Did you know?
If you thought installing drywall was a messy project, consider Medieval homeowners, who used a mixture of lime, clay and horse manure to smooth walls!