DIY Network

Swing-out Sofa

Episode DWSP-305UH

The attic space off of Kennedee Ford's bedroom is the subject of many family debates. She wants to use it as a place to hang out, get away from her brother, and work on her art. Her father Doug is ok with that as long as he can still use the area for storage, down the road. So Karl arrives with a plan to turn the clutter-filled room with the slanted ceiling into a hip hangout for daughter and a multi-purpose storage space for dad. Karl shows that it's not only possible to get a sofa into this tight space, but with some creative carpentry tricks, it can be tucked away out of sight when not in use. Every square foot of the attic is used to its fullest as Karl shows the Fords how to maximize storage and minimize clutter while also making the room fun.


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