DIY Network

Pantry and Bathroom

Episode DWSP-113

Stacey and Teddy Waters have a small home and two kids with big appetites. That's why the lack of pantry space is sending Stacey to the edge of sanity. They have hardly enough room to store what they need, and they go thru it so fast that she's constantly having to restock. What Stacey needs is a bigger pantry, but there is nowhere to put it. Meanwhile, while we're at it, Teddy has another beef...the only downstairs bathroom is in their master bedroom so anytime anyone, guests included, need to go to the restroom, they have to travel through Stacey and Teddy's personal space. Teddy and Stacey are at their wit's end, but we know exactly what to do. IT starts with cutting a hole in the kitchen wall-straight into the bathroom on the other side-and adding a door. Then we'll address the pantry by building a freestanding cabinet on wheels that will slide right into the under-stairs closet. We'll quadruple their storage space with just a few nails and plywood.


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